Question about adding verses to last page.

• Nov 19, 2018 - 19:48

I have long piece and, to shorten it, I want to stop after a verse or two and type in the rest of the verses on the last page of music. Are there ways to do this? All I have found is to choose a note early in the last line, hit Ctrl T, start typing in the lyric, stopping at the end of the line, dragging this first line of lyric out of the way, hit Ctrl T and do the second line, etc. Then all the lines have to be adjusted to be equidistant and aligned on the left and all look slightly rumpled. Also, it is all anchored to that one note and if I have to adjust the staves to make a bit more room for the last few lines of lyric, that measure holding the anchor note gets moved and messes up the typed-in lines. Is there a way that is independent of the music notes?


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