Ornament; - sign for (voice) "BREATH"

• Nov 20, 2018 - 00:50

Hi Peoples,
Please; - is there a conventional "sign" (maybes as an Articulation or Ornament) that a vocalist is to take a breath?
I have sung for many years; - yet am not aware (or have forgotten!)?
If so ; - where do I find such? Thank you.



I don't know if it is as common in vocal music as in instrument (wind) music, but check the Breaths & Pauses palette, and check out the symbol that looks like a comma (or apostrophe).

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Hi Marc,
Thank you for your suggestion. The comma may be suitable - but it seems that Breaths & Pauses are all "tied" to the music stave... I wish to insert the sign in just one of multiple lines of lyrics text... & the comma is regularly used in lyrics (where there may not necessarily be a breath).
Whist on the B & P subject - please would someone define the difference between a straight and italic caesura?
this might be a more appropriate sign to use... but it remains "tied" to the music stave and cannot be suitably positioned...
Thank you, John

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...hmmm - yes; - I can access & use the "Specials" Musical symbols... and apply them in lyric texts...
... but they only appear in the text as "greyed out" and are not reproduced on a score print-out!

Please, is there some semi-hidden box which I've failed to check?

Thank you.

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