Transposing then printing a MuseScore on musescore pro app

• Nov 20, 2018 - 15:17

Any help would be appreciated- I’ve wasted hours trying to figure this out.

Basically I’m on the musescore trial for a month, and I would like to take a quartet and try transpose it then print. I manage to transpose it, but when I go to save it it automatically saves it in the original key? If anyone can also tell me how to print parts not just full score on the app that would be great- as it’s not so straight forward like the online version?

Am I the only one?


For the application you don't need a pro membership. This only gives you the ability to save more scores and a few other features from the website only.

As far as the transposition is concerned, you are apparently doing it wrong. Attach the score so we can look at it.


I am trying to do the same. I have transposed an existing score that someone else has uploaded, and when I export it on PDF or through a link it attaches the original score. Can anyone help? Is it possible to download the transposed score?

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