Layout/Page Settings don't Auto-Fit Score Size

• Nov 23, 2018 - 09:22

Layout/Page Settings do not automatically adjust to number of instruments placed in score. (i.e.: score does not resize to fit all instruments- one must manually adjust size of page with auto-fit).

In the official release of MuseScore 3, I suggest implementing automatic page formatting/sizing to adjust to number of instruments included in score. Users don't know how many inches/cm (or .10's of an inch/cm) they need to adjust a score's size parameters to fit their music. Competitor software has this feature. Auto-Fit would make the process of setting up large scores (i.e.: orchestra composers, large wind ensemble composers, etc.) easy.


An issue is that with smart layout automatically adjusting spacing between staves as necessary, plus the possibility of using "Hide empty staves" so systems different page to page, plus presence of lyrics or text frames that also change spacing, there is no way to know up front what size will work. And constantly adjusting the size every time you make an edit to your score that affects any of this would be maddening, I think, as Iit would also affect number of measures per page, etc. You say other software has this feature, I wonder how they handle those issues?

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