Move lyrics after insertion

• Nov 23, 2018 - 15:17

When entering lyrics, I sometimes forget something, e.g., a hyphen. I don't always notice right away. It would be nice to be able to insert something and have the rest of the lyrics move along. As far as I can see, one has to retype everything beyond the omission.


I do the same thing.

You can cut several lyrics and paste them. They will skip rests when you paste them, but if I remember correctly they skip a note where there was a rest in the original. If you come up with a plan, it is much faster than retyping the lyrics.

To select several at once, select the section of notes with the lyrics that need moved, right click a lyric and use select>All similar items in range selection.

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Thanks. I've tried cutting and pasting, but it is cumbersome and iffy and retyping works better unless I have gone far beyond the mistake. Similarly, copying lyrics from a text editor would be a dream were it not that every time you forget a space or hyphen, you have to recopy everything beyond. Forgetting something is even more likely when you are not typing but copying existing text. In short, I haven't come up with a good plan and something much better should be possible.

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