Percussion Instrument sounds

• Nov 26, 2018 - 14:52

How does one create the light 'ting, ting (open)' or tik. tik, tik (closed)' sound of a drum stick gently striking a cymbal? I have tried going through all the percussion instruments as well as using the various options under View> Mixer> Hi Hat (or other cymbal types). The available closed or open hi hat sounds are a bit too strong or too long in duration.




If so, then you would need to find a different soundfont that happened to record these sounds differently. Click Download in the menu above on this page, then Soundfonts, and have fun searching!

I made a very quick example of some cymbal sounds on acoustic drumset, just to be sure you're using the correct approach. Note, you can use dynamics and/or the mixer for quieter; there is not much to help with shorter. Note you can change the drumset in the mixer, but the cymbals usually do not change. Note also there is much more to MIDI drums than MuseScore chooses to map by default. If you want some exotic things like cabasa or guiro, they are do-able in the standard kit but you will need to know their note numbers and map them out yourself.

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