Can't make beams as wanted

• Nov 26, 2018 - 16:58

Trying to apply conventions used in a published score but I haven't been able to apply some beams as desired. As such the demo file contains some examples.

First, in Measure 1 Treble Clef there is a 16th note followed by a 32nd rest plus a 32nd note. It is desired to have a beam join these 2 notes and cross over the rest.

Second, both Measure 2 & 3 end with a series of three 8th notes and it is desired to have all 3 notes joined by a beam.

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I tried both suggestions with no luck. My version of Musescore is shown at…
When I do as specified for placing a beam over the rest I get a beam over the note before the rest and the rest but it stops before extending to the note after the rest. Insofar as the first note is of a different duration than the rest and second note I tried using the 5th option from the Beam Properties Palette but that causes no discernible change.
In the case of the 3 eighth notes where the second 2 are beamed but not the first, I select the first note and then double click the first of the options on the Beam Properties Palette but again there is no discernible change.

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