Tuplet of tuplets alignment issue

• Nov 28, 2018 - 22:40

So, I have quite a lot of triplets of triplets, and MS3 beta doesn't seem to do the auto place with the numbers and brackets very well.


The last is the result of me just plain entering it in. The previous ones involved a lot of editing, and I made the bracket invisible as I had already shown it once and didn't need to show it again.

This is what happens after I click all the little threes and hit x to fix the collisions. The threes run into the slurs and aren't properly aligned with the middle notes - they're aligned with the accidentals.


All the good looking tuplets, I had to move all the threes to where they are. Then I had to turn off slur auto-alignment to get the slurs moved to somewhere they wouldn't run into a three.

The auto-align usually works beautifully. Just here it seems to miss it's swing.


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