Style .mss conversion from v2.x to v3.x?

• Dec 4, 2018 - 22:16

Since the 3.0 beta refused to open my old stylesheet, I just had to manually recreate a complete stylesheet from v2.x by going field by field in my 2.x install and changing parameters to match in 3.x in at least 30 sections. This was pretty tedious, and I'm sure I missed a few things that I'll probably only catch 5 or 7 jobs from now.

Stuff has moved around a little in the 3.0 style dialogs and I'm sure the XML structure for the v3 .mss files differs from the v2 .mss files, but the bulk of style-related settings seem to be implemented very similarly in 3.0 so far.

Are there current plans to incorporate .mss conversion from v2.x .mss files? If not... is there anything I could do to help?


Probably you could have just changed the version number field to get it to load. Another method would be to load your MSS file into a score using 2.3.2, then load that score into 3.0, then save a new MSS file from that. But then you're not in control of how the differences are handled. If you really care about such things, you'll keep doing it the old-fashioned way :-)

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Tried changing the version number in the MSS file to 3.0 and it still says "The style file is not compatible with this version of MuseScore." When I loaded a file with this style into MuseScore 3 the vertical position of the figured bass got changed from 0 to 6 and when I try to change it under Format > Style... > Figured Bass it always changes back to 6

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