Automatic placement

• Dec 5, 2018 - 14:14

Hi! It's really awesome that you have added this a lot of time saving feature! One thing, I think could be revised: when inserting hairpins + dinamics in two different measures, the hairpin crosses the barline.. And you can't edit it without marking off the automatic placement. When you do that - all the layout goes wrong.. I don't know what do you think about that, but in my opinion the hairpin wouldn't cross the barline by default. The score stays more clear by this way. Maybe you have another suggestion about dealing with this issue? Thank you! Best regards, K.


In another conversation, I as well as others indicate that we've seen this both ways. The hairpin either crosses the bar line or stops at the bar line depending on the editor. There are some issue with hairpins that extend to the next dynamic like #121431: Hairpin automatially offset vertically below dynamic instead of aligning. If this is what you are talking about, it should be fixed. I don't remember the date of the beta release but I believe it should have been fix there.

If you're talking about something else, perhaps you can attach a picture using the buttons that appear below your response.

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Gould says the hairpin should end before the barline except in cases where the first note of the next measure is far from the barline, like if there is a key or clef change or some such. And this is what we do except if there is a dynamic marking there. To me, that's a bug. but turning off autoplace does work around it.

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I just submitted a fix so that turning off for the dynamic will prevent the crescendo line from cross the barline (turning it off for the hairpin already works). I looked at implementing something to make it not extend automatically, or only doing so if some threshold is cross (like if the dynamic marking is more than, say, 3sp from the barline. I see here some like it to cross, and Gould does say it is good in those special cases. Probably what's best is a style setting to control the threshold: "extend barline to first dynamic if it is more than Xsp from the barline". Those who want it to always cross can set is to 0, default might be more like 3sp. Or only cross if there is a clef or key signature there. Anyhow, for now I left it alone until we come up with a strategy we can agree on.

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