Tab with a linked grand staff notation

• Dec 6, 2018 - 09:51

is it possible to link a grand staff (piano) to an already created lute tab, so that both the tab and the keyboard notations display the same music? A single treble or bass clef staff doesn't comfortably cover the range of the tablature. Thank you.


It's not intended for. Ie, it's not automatically distributed and according your wish - what would it be exactly? the program cannot guess for you - on the two staves of the piano.
But you can copy-paste the content of the lute tab in the piano (treble), and then cut and paste the selection of notes you want in the bass clef.

Another way is to use Split staff feature.
Ie add only a piano treble clef (no matter if you choose the default piano, you may remove one staff after)

So, copy-paste the content of the lute tab in the piano treble clef -> right-click on the treble staff -> Split Staff
-> Choose a split point, let's say C3 -> Ok

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Thank you. That works quite well. I opted for the split staff method which seemed like a faster way to obtain a decent result. However, is it then possible to move a selected note to the other staff (ie. bass to treble or treble to bass) to fit the musical needs?

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