Fingering placement in MS 3.0

• Dec 6, 2018 - 13:58

For guitarists, the fingering in MS 2.x works very well:

  1. "LH Guitar Fingering" provides default placement to the left of the note, which is a very common choice in published scores. e.g.

    This can be easily adjusted to other positions near the notehead. The adjusted fingering can also be applied to other notes by copy-and-paste.

  2. "Fingering" provides further useful default positions for the guitarist:

    fingering1.png and fingering2.png

Conclusion: The default fingering placements in MS 2.x should be left unchanged in MS 3.


The attached score show how the new "L H Guitar Fingering" is placed in MS 3.0-dev. There are still some bugs to be ironed out, but IMV, it provides some very useful positions. One (minor) issue is that it may not be practical to use the X- and Y- style offsets to fine-tune the positioning, because up- and down-stem notes may have contrary positioning requirements.

Note: The old 2.x "LH Guitar Fingering" (and "Fingering") style needs to be retained as well, so that the user always has the option to place the fingering to the left of the note (which isn't always possible with the new fingering).

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