Piano Roll Editor Feature requests: editable note velocities ...and more

• Dec 8, 2018 - 21:36

I have three feature requests for the piano roll editor:

1) Make note velocities editable. It is cumbersome adjusting multiple note velocities using the inspector. It would expedite the process if note velocities where editable in the new piano roll editor.

2) Display measure numbers and the vertical play-head line even when the upper view of the editor has been minimized. Currently, If the piano roll's bottom graph view is extended all the way up, both the bar numbers and the play line disappear (see image). This could be remedied by assigning the measure numbering to its own row and by extending the vertical play line all the way down into the bottom where the velocity and other note attributes are graphed.

3) Add an option to keep the piano roll dialogue always on top. Currently, the piano roll editor "disappears" when clicking on a score. Being able to keep the editor always on top would allowing easier back-and-forth navigation between the score and the editor.

All these features would be particularly useful in analyzing and editing the velocity graph of an imported live-performance midi file.




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To submit an official feature request use https://musescore.org/en/node/add/project_issue?pid=1236 and set the Severity to S5-Suggestion. Don't get over concerned about the other fields, one of the programmers will assign it a priority. Once you've entered the request, I'll link it back to here.

Keep in mind that feature requests are just requests and in this open source project, it will be filled if someone with the skills (or authority) to implement it agrees to it.

Velocities are already editable. Select a note, set the selector for the velocity to 'User' and type in the value, or chose 'Velocity absolute' in the Levels display, and click on the indicator for the selected note.

Make the display wider, by dragging the rigth Edge, so you can see the 'Velocity' controller.

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