MuseScore Beta 3.00.4328 sounding notationWin 10

• Dec 9, 2018 - 08:38

I've done some test with Beta 3 and created a bigband sheet in f major. I'm curious about the sounding notation setting. I'd expect Musescore to show one flat sign for every instrument. But it only works on the oktava setting for bass and bariton sax. Am I missing a different setting opportunity?

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There has not been any score at all. I created a new one from the bigband template sorted out some voices and tried to switch on to sounding option. I have worked a while on that score. So no I can attach one. I still have problems when switching sounding notation on and off, tough.

But I maust admit, that I switched back to version 2.3 because I observed too much crashdowns. Afterwards I switched back to v3 Beta to make it look better.

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