Staff properties linked incorrectly in score + parts, Ossia show up in first system.

• Dec 13, 2018 - 22:15

Generally, Ossia staves aren't labeled at all, but I can't figure out how to get staff properties to display nothing for instrument names and abbreviations - it defaults right back to what was if you simply delete everything.

Aren't Ossia staves supposed to be smaller, too? How do you do that?

Nvm, worked when I tried it on the score instead of the part. Still a weirdly large gap in the front page(no hidden staves) of the score though.

Can Ossia staves be perma-hidden, except for the non-empty bit, regardless of 'hide empty staves' global property? Should they be?


From my experience, the ossia staves are invisible except measures with notes. As for small, there is a check box option in staff properties near the cutaway option. I guess I need to test them on parts, I haven't done that yet. I'l report back.

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You still need to turn on the hide empty staves option, either setting "Hide when Empty" in staff properties to "Always" or checking "Hide Empty staves" in the Style settings to "hide" the invisible staff when it's empty.

I did discover you have independent control over cutaway if you implement this after you put a staff in a part, so you can set the properties different in the part and main score. If you set the staff property before the part is created, the part will keep the settings. If you change it in the part after it's created, it will not be passed along to the score. I think this is a good way to give you a lot of flexibility. I just takes a little planning to make it work sometimes.

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