Menu entries and dialog box title bars out of sync with each other

• Dec 17, 2018 - 12:48

I reviewed all MuseScore (3b3) menu entries that open a dialog box and found the following where the menu entry is not in sync with the dialog box title bar.

Format -> Style… vs Edit General Style?
Suggestion: change menu entry to General Style…, remove “Edit” from dialog title bar (“Edit” in this context is redundant, imho).
Alternative of changing dialog title bar to Style is also ok by me.

Plugin Creator vs MuseScore Plugin Creator : I assume this is because the creator is a separate window, not just a dialog?
Suggestion: if there is no way that the Plugin Creator window can be confused for something else or belonging to something else, remove the MuseScore from the window heading. If there is a chance for confusion, change menu entry to MuseScore Plugin Creator just to be consistent. That would mean that the Plugin Manager... and dialog would have to be changed to MuseScore Plugin Manager to be consistent.


Edit General Style is the title of the dialog window, Don't see much harm in keeping it?
I see no harm either in keeping that "MuseScore" in the title of the plugin creator. Adding it to the menu though would be very redundant

Would one use the plural, Styles, since the dialog box contains 34 different components, each with their own style / settings, or keep it singular, since this is the Style of a single score?

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