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I'm using Musescore 2 version 2.3.2 and am trying to copy/paste lyric lines.

I have a song with several verses with lyrics and would like to make a leadsheet with just one verse and all verse lyrics under one staff. I can copy/paste syllables, but not whole sections or lines.

I have searched and haven't found anything recent, so my question is this:
Is this function supposed to work in the current version?



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Thanks Shoichi for the reply. That explained well how the copy process and it works.

The "Paste" process also works but it replaces the lyrics of the first verse which is not what is needed.
The pasted lyrics should be on a line line underneath the first verse. I have written lyrics for multiple verses quite a bit in the past and it works like a charm, aside from pasting. Is there another procedure to paste lyrics for a new verse?


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I must be doing something wrong, the paste always occurs on the 1st verse lyrics.
I do not want to erase the lyrics of the 1st verse, but would like to add a new verse.
The paste should occur in a 2nd or 3rd line of lyrics for verse 2 or 3.

Before the Copy/paste, all the lyrics are of subtype "Verse 1". I guess the goal is to change the subtype of the copied words from subtype 1 to subtype 2 or 3 after copying, buy before pasting.
Is this possible, i.e. changing the subtype of lyrics?

Afterwards, I can erase measures 3 to 6 since they would now be included in the first two measures.


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Edit/Tools->Copt Lyrics to Clipboard;
paste them on a text editor;
Select only the desired lyrics, copy;
Place the cursor on the first syllable of the target stave and press Enter to go to the third verse;
Or, as Marc says, try version 3.

The following solution works for me in MuseScore 3, Windows 7.

  • Select the first word of the lyric of the stave that you want to copy.
  • Right click and click Select -> All Similar Elements in the Same Staff. This selects all of your lyrics in that stave.
  • Click the first note (not the lyric) in the stave that you want to paste.
  • Paste, either from Edit -> Paste, or on Windows CTRL + v.
    For me that copies everything. The only problem is if you have notes in the destination stave that don't match the source stave. In that case you have to do a bit of manual cleanup.

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