API still works for public domain? And how is openScore coming along?

• Dec 18, 2018 - 14:48

Hi, I wanted to know if the public API is still working for public domain scores? My API requests for chopin scores don't work anymore. I'm very interested in the progress of openScore too. Is there an API for that? Those scores are in musicXML format?



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Are there any plans in the works to reopen the API just for the public domain scores? I don't understand why the public domain scores were closed along with everything else... Are there plans to open a paid API subscription?

Thanks. Hoping for access somehow!

Hi Conley,

We'll be giving a full update about OpenScore's progress at FOSDEM in February 2019 (maybe we'll see you there!) but in the meantime you can read about it on our blog, and see the latest editions at https://musescore.com/openscore and https://musescore.com/openscore-transcriptions.

Progress with the main collection has been slower than anticipated for the reasons expained in this article, but we ran a side project called OpenScore Lieder Corpus which has digitised nearly 300 pieces for voice and piano. This was run in partnership with Mark Gotham and the University of Cambridge. The Lieder Corpus scores are available to listen and download in all major formats on MuseScore.com, and Mark has also made the MusicXML available on GitHub.

I agree it would be good if the OpenScore collection was available through a public API. Hopefully the website team will be able to implement your request for access to public domain scores, or at least those on the OpenScore accounts. If that can't happen for some reason then we'll have to consider alternative solutions for API users.

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