MuseScore developer gathering at FOSDEM 2019

• Dec 5, 2018 - 09:45

For a third consecutive year, we are organising a MuseScore developer meetup in Brussels at FOSDEM, the largest European open source developer conference. During the weekend of Feb 2 and 3, more than 8000 open source users and developers gather to talk about free and open source software. You can get the unique experience of meeting the developers behind some of the software you are using already, including MuseScore. So you are all invited to come and meet us in Brussels for great talks and beer!

Picture of the MuseScore stand in 2018 - Behind the desk, from back to front: Jeetee, shoogle, Jojo-Schmitz, lasconic, anatoly_os

If you like to meet us, including a dinner on Saturday evening, then leave a comment on this post or reach out to me directly.



Although depending on other commitments I'll probably be only a partial attendee again. Definitely there for dinner though :-)

Count me in!

Unsure about dinner, whether the group I’m travelling with (three groups actually) have any plans, but a maybe (also depends on when and where).

I'd love to come...although I think I have a low count of PRs this year, so I probably don't deserve it...but looks like I can find a reasonably cheap ticket.

Looking forward to this!

If we all put €50 in a pot and then share it out in proportion to transport costs that might make it a bit easier for people who have furthest to travel. It wouldn't cover the full cost of course, so there is still an incentive for each individual to find the cheapest tickets they can. Would anyone else be willing to chip in on this basis?

Would like to join and intend to be in Brussels from Saturday early afternoon until Sunday late morning. Also OK with the travel cost pot.

Would love to, we'll see if I can swing the travel. The pot sounds like an interesting approach, but since I'd be one of the ones withdrawing more than I put in, probably my vote is less interesting :-)

I don't think it's my part to participate on FOSDEM (unless you need someone, who could refresh the own skills with GW-Basic/Q-Basic ;), apart from maybe I've to work at that time.
But above I could imagine (an would like) to donate such a pot for people from oversea (or other who could take part with contribution). The question is how it could be work (don't have a credit card).

note: And to be clear about my intention, it's just because I will benefit from the results of such a meeting ;-).

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Oh, I’m also very skilled at especially GW-BASIC, don’t worry ☺

FOSDEM is worth a visit in general, if you can make it. The… especially the interesting old parts of the university, the city, the food, the CHOCOLATE, the BEER, but also the people, exchanging infos and rare hobbies besides the contemprary projects, …

Anyway, if you’d want to throw into the pot, you could make a SEPA bank transfer or a PayPal transfer to someone who’s attending and who you can trust. If you’re not in Europe, it might be more difficult.
looks hm, Germany, so just throw a Banküberweisung into Jojo-Schmitz’ (assuming he’d accept) or mine general direction.

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I'll see, what's possible (such a support should be appropriated/specific for this meeting). My first holiday will be on March. I don't know, but maybe I'm free at this time of FOSDEM. And I would be curious to meet other users.
But I like the idea with a pot so that anybody can benefit from. I would like to support it, but it it should be make sense.
(OT: It's remind me on an other project. Some years ago I took part of a workshop named "Yiddish summer", and at the end we collected money for a participant in an envelope, so that she could take part on an advanced course)

Curious as ever (but to be clear: it isn't my fault, it's fault of my parenting ;-): Will it give a summary of the meetup inside this forum?

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