Short fermata shape shows up elongated in my score

• Dec 23, 2018 - 04:18

I want to use a short fermata over a note in my score but the shape shows more elongated than it should. I don't see a way to change the shape. In the attached screenshot, I've placed the short fermata in my score close to the pallate so you can see the difference. How can I get this fermata to look like it should in the pallate?
Thanks in advance!

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I changed the font to Bravura and now the short fermata is the correct shape, however, the whole rests changed and they are now smaller. Is there something that I can do so the short fermata is shaped correctly without affecting the size of the whole rests?

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None of this is about correct or incorrect, it's just different fonts with different appearances. Just like the letter "T" looks different in a serif font like Times New Roman than a sans serif font like "Arial" but both are correct, so it is equally correct for the fermatas to look different from one font to the next, and the same for rests. Totally normal and correct. Sounds like maybe you want there to be a font that looks more like Emmentaler for rests but more like Bravura to fermatas, but until one exists, you'll just have to pick which you prefer and go with it.

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Marc, I understand what you're saying. I shouldn't have used the word "correct". The short fermata really doesn't look right elongated. The image that shows up on the pallate looks the way it should, unfortuntately that's not what is appearing on my score. So now I'm back to square one as I really don't want to use the elongated short fermata in my published score.

Okay, I figured a fix around this. I found an image on line and added it to my custom palette. It stays the same no matter which font I use. :)

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