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• Dec 24, 2018 - 20:56

Hi, im having a lot of trouble translating the program in transifex, is there any way to see where in the actual program the terms will be used? I am not sure if the translation is right without any context. I dont know any software development i cant understand what the items in the "context" tab mean.


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Hi mike, i cant find an option to PM you so i write to you here. I translated all i could do without understanding the context in transifex. I dont know if there is an easy way i can understand how to navigate the source code or if it is too hard for someone without any experience. I can translate strings as i find them in the program but it would take too long for me to stumble upon all untranslated strings, there are 536 untranslated now. I think it would be more convenient/faster if you translate missing strings when you can and i revise them later. I can help you with some not so obvious music term translations if you want.

Unfortunately this is a problem with all software translation. It is rare for the translator to be able to see where the string will occur in the software, or to get good information about where it will be used. You're just going to have to guess, and then test the translation afterwards to see if you spot any problems.

There are some advantages to using Transifex (e.g. the segment number in Transifex is disconnected from the segment position in the TS file), but MuseScore staff have decided to use Transifex, and that's that.

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The real problem with what I said, is that I don't compile my own code so I don't keep it on my computer to be able to search for the location of the strings. Elsewhere I proved that I now have the capability to find the proper file in gitub so I can ask the context based upon the code. I got a good answer from @Jojo.

@Federico, I talked to @Thomas Bonte and he has made you a reviewer for translations on Transifex for the program. There are almost 2000 translations that have not been reviewed for version 3.0.1. I doubt you will be able to review and approve 2000 strings by Monday, but any that you can approve will help to improve the quality of the Spanish translation of the next release.

You may use the contact button on my profile to contact me if you need to, or start a new thread in the translation forum if you have difficulties. There are plenty of people who will be willing to help and advise you.

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After Monday, any changes we make will be available from the Help->Resource Manager within in a short time and would then be included in future releases. Most of what is not translated consists of things like "Reset the value of 'Horizontal offset'". These are paired with "Horizontal offset". The problem is that "Horizonal offset" is translated, but it is much easier for me to see the proper translation of "Horizontal offset" so I can have a consistent translation.

The items that are not reviewed are not visible in MuseScore. BTW, "Horizontal offset" is only an example from the top of my head not a specific case I need. Once strings are reviewed, I can update the translation in the nightly and translate more strings. You also have the same capability, but I'm helping with the actual translation as much as I can.

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Obviously I'm missing something. There are a lot of strings that don't need translated in the styles dialog box, but are in English when I select Spanish in the program. There were almost 2000 unreviewed but translated strings on the Spanish Transifex page. I figured I wasn't seeing them because they weren't being sent to MuseScore and needed review.

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So there are strings on Transifex that are translated into Spanish, but even after updating translations don't show in a recent development build? They won't show in 3.0, that has been cut off of the translation updates a couple days ago.

In theory it should be possible for tx2s3 to only download reviewed strings, so MuseScore would only a see those in the updates, but I don't think this is done, if so it would be a change I missed.

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Since I'm in three places that are not my comfort zone (transifex, MuseScore code and a Spanish environment) I must be getting a bit lost. I'll keep working on translations as best I can. I still want my work reviewed by a native speaker so it will be accurate for the release. I prefer to rely on reviewed translations for the basis of my translation so I don't use a strange words.

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