Another question: MS 3--MIDI input not working

• Dec 26, 2018 - 00:31

I began an arrangement using MS 3 for the 1st time just now. The midi input will not work, just the qwerty keyboard input. I went to preferences in MS 2 and compared the settings to the new MS 3.
Under "device" MS 2 had Microsoft SoundMapper-output listed. MS 3 had Headphones High def aud. instead.
I changed that setting on MS 3.
Under MS 3, midi input is selected MM System,S and there is no other choice to select and I cannot de-select this; MS 2 has nothing selected in this box, again with nothing further to select.
"JACK audio server" is not checked in either MS 2 or MS 3
Under "API", MME is selected in both versions.
I noted that it was specified [in red] that a restart was required, and I did that--still no midi input.
What must I do?


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I just went back into this setting: now, nothing appears in either the midi input nor output drop down box. Still no input from my midi keyboard. I read the linked forum topic, Shoichi, but made no sense of it other than there seems to be some confusion? Please keep me updated as to what settings I need to use?

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Progress! I now am able to input from my midi! The settings appeared sometime last night or today and seem to work. What I don't see is the "midi output" drop down checked off--it is currently blank, but offers a choice of MMSystem, M [twice] or MMSystem, S.
Should I check off either of these or just leave that drop-down blank?
The "midi input" reads MMSystem,S and offers no other choice.
Under "device", it lists Microsoft Sound Mapper-output.

Thanks to whomever worked this problem out!

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