Allow More Keys for Shortcuts in Note Input Mode

• Dec 26, 2018 - 12:06

I'm trying to write for Drumset in MuseScore. I need to be able to stack sounds like Ride Cymbal 1 and Side Stick, as is extremely common in jazz music. However, I can't because Side Stick doesn't have a shortcut key; and holding shift while clicking it just changes the sound to Side Stick, instead of stacking Side Stick and Ride Cymbal.

The solution for this is to allow the user to assign shortcut keys to additional sounds in the Drumset (currently only keys A -G are allotted for shortcuts) that operative during Note Input Mode.

Example: the I-key opens the Instrument List. In my solution, the I-key should be able to be assigned to an instrument in the Drumset, and should only open the Instrument List when not in Note Input Mode.


Right now only sevent shortcuts are available indeed, but just because a shortcut isn't available doesn't mean it isn't possibly/easy already. If you want have ride cymbal and side stick sounding together, simply enter both notes on the same beat - enter one however you lick, enter the other with a simple click. If you still have questions, attach your score and describe your problem in more detail so we can assist better.

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FYI, invervals "work" on the drumset. You just need to learn what an interval does. For example, in the default drumset 'A' is the accoustic snare adding Alt 3 gives you a Hi mid tom. You would need to learn how these intervals relate to the drumset, because they make no sense when I enter them. I suspect these could be improved to make it easier to enter percussion.

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