Several bugs in version 3

• Dec 26, 2018 - 13:58

First, thank you for the version 3, looks really good!

Some bugs I found working today:

  1. When I am entering notes with a MIDI keyboard, If it is the same note repeated several times, It writes only the last note and the previous ones are being replaced by rests. I don't know if I have explained well, but try to write an entire bar full of the same repeated note using a MIDI keyboard.


  2. When working on score layout, after changing the margins, suddenly one of the pages appears below than the others.


  3. And the last one by now: once changed the note from flat to sharp in the same measure, it would be nice that the next one, introduced with MIDI keyboard, would respect the sharp. If not, you need to manually modify each note.


Thank you, have a nice hollidays!


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