Problems with MS3 (layout mostly)

• Dec 26, 2018 - 16:54
  1. If you manually move the end of a pedal line, it displays fine. But after saving and re-opening the score, it will be reset to its default position (see screenshots 1 & 2 for before save and after open).

  2. You can stretch an arepeggio line across 2 staff, like so in screenshot 3. But when you save the layout is altered and the staff spacing is made bigger (prob. to avoid collision between the upper staff and the lower arpeggio line), see screenshot 4.

RE 1 and 2: it would be really nice if MuseScore did not alter the document layout when I save. When I save, I sometimes see some positions change on the page and it basically means I have to proofread the entire score to be sure everything is laid out as I want it to. Either make immediate visible layout adjustments when editing, or don't make any adjustement when saving. Changing stuff behind user's back is bad.

  1. Layout sometimes collides, e.g. a 2nd voice rest with 1st voice note. See screenshot.


I can confirm these issue, so can you go ahead and file two separate actual official bug report to the issue tracker for that (eg, with Help / Report a Bug)? When you do so, please attach actual scores and steps to reproduce, not just pictures. For the arpeggio, it should have added the space immediately, and in fact it does as soon as you make any edit. But it also should work to disable autoplace for the arpeggio, and it doesn't. The latter issue exists for stems too.

BTW, one thing that isn't clear from the picture is what you were manually adjusting the pedal in the first place; the default length should have been correct. I'm thinking you probably didn't add the marking correctly.

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It does gonto end of the bar, if you add it that way. In other words, select the correct range before adding the pedal, or extend it afterwards with double-click then Shift+right. With the line added correctly, no manual adjusents are necessary.

If that doesn't help, please attach your score so we can understand and assist better.

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