Entered lyrics in one voice (1), need to move them to a different voice (2)

• Dec 29, 2018 - 20:20

I'm entering lyrics and realized that I initially added them to the wrong voice (voice 2 instead of voice 1) and need to switch them to the other voice because of how the words are associated with the notes in the voices (one voice rests in places where the other sings, notes are held for different lengths, etc.)

I know you can select an entire section of lyrics using right-click / select / more / same voice / add to selection. What I want to be able to do next is switch these selected lyrics from one voice to another.

After selecting the lyrics, I see that the "2" icon for voice 2 is highlighted in green, showing that the lyrics belong to voice 2. But when I click the "1" icon expecting them to switch to voice 1 (as happens with selected notes and other items), nothing happens and the lyrics remain in voice 2. Is this function available via a different route?



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The difficulty there is the pasted lyrics land directly on top of the copied lyrics since both voices are in the same staff. The pasted lyrics end up being placed in the same spot as the copied ones because it's the most obvious/natural placement. How could we then select the original instance of the lyrics in order to delete it after pasting? On the other hand, I'm going on very little sleep today so it's very possible I'm missing something here :)

To move the lyrics from voice 2 to voice 1 (for example):

Select the measures in which you want the lyrics moved
Interchange voice 1 and voice 2 - this will place the voice 2 lyrics in voice 1 where you want them
Select and copy the (now) voice 1 lyrics.
Delete the voice 1 lyrics since you want them moved, not copied.
Reselect the measures in which you want to move the lyrics.
Again interchange voice 1 and voice 2.
Select the first note of voice 1 to receive the lyrics.
Paste the previously copied lyrics

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