Now, MS 2 is not working properly either!

• Dec 30, 2018 - 00:23

I have been having a lot of issues with the new install of MS 3 [see my posts regarding these], and I have a couple pieces I really need to get done. Since there are all the issues using MS 3 right now, I decided to just use MS 2 for a while and get these pieces knocked out. I start the piece, get it set up and blocked out, only to find that my midi will not play in MS 2! Only the qwerty will input notes. The input and output settings are totally blank today and there is nothing available in either dropdown. So, basically, I have no program at my disposal to get this work done right now.

How can I get my midi to work once again in MS 2? How do I get the settings in the dropdown boxes?


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That does it--I had not thought to close 3 and both were open. The IO had no drop down for input nor output then, but does now. midi is working right now with MS 3 closed.
Thanks for the quick reply! And, I will use MS 2 for a while until some MS 3 problems are resolved.

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