Musescore 2 midi input worked yesterday--today, not

• Jan 1, 2019 - 02:27

*Same problem I had over the weekend--it was resolved with the correct settings restored overnight in my I/O yesterday and worked fine. I started another piece today and midi will not work, only qwerty input.
*No, MS3 is not open.
*Yes, I turned on midi before MS2.
*No, I didn't monkey with any settings between yesterday and today. MMSystem, Samson Carbon 49= midi input, nothing selected in box for midi output, Device= Microsoft Sound Mapper-Output, API=MME
*Windows 10
*I was advised to just use MS2 for a little while until issues with MS3 were resolved, and I was able to finish one of the pieces I had to get done.
*I am also unable to open in MS2 a piece I started in MS3 and I can find no workaround.
Any suggestions?


The only way to open a version 3 score in version 2 is to export it to musicxml from 3 then open it like any other file in 2.

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