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• Jan 2, 2019 - 16:23

You guys all around the world are doing a great job supporting Musescore. Since version 2 I'm using Musescore and am eagerly following the forum. I see some times the same questions are being posted repatedly and you're never loosing your temper. Maybe I'm guilty, too. Maybe It is also due to the search functionallity. Recently I saw the post asking 'bout the android version. I know that is a question that's found frequently in your forum. So I gave the search facility a try ans - found - nothing. That may be the reason why questions reappear. Maybe it's a user error - if - please tell me how to search the formum. The way I'm doin it seems to lead nowhere.

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I'm sure you noticed the magnifying glass on the top right. Press it to enter the search term and, in the right column you can select the scope (Forum, Handbook, etc..).
Recently the engine is supported by Google.
But a web search is often more effective (unfortunately).
Opinion of an ordinary user. Regards

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Thank you Shoichi,
I just found that my Ghostery extension blocked Google Analytics and without it I'm getting that empty search result. I did not expect that. My searches on Googles landing page and even in the address line seem not do rely on Google Analytics.

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Nope, I'm having the same problem. When I press on the magnifying glass it doesn't provide any way to limit or specify the score of the search. Search results include only the handbook. I have not found a way to search forum results.

I just replaced my version 2 with version 3 and NOTHING seems to work properly and help is impossible to find because everything in the manual assumes the given instructions will work. I am extremely frustrated.

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Sorry to hear you are having trouble. The search facility on this site isn't great, but the Handbook is :-). If you continue to have trouble figuring out how to do some specific task, just start a new thread and ask for help on that particular topic. In general, msot things work the same between MuseScore 2 and 3, but there were some pretty major improvements that required changing a few things here and there, plus a couple of menu items moved to make them easier for new users to find. The Handbook should be all up to date on that.

I go to handbook and forum first to look for an answer, though sometimes a new user doesn't know what to look for, whether it be by name or chapter.
Search is awful. Again I use the example of "piano roll editor" wherein I received a plethora of info on "pianos", "rolls", and "editors" without a mention of the PRE.

Sometimes I read the forum and come across something I might need to know in the future and copy and paste to a text doc I keep handy.

As Shoichi said, a net search is often may lead you to the correct page on MuseScore or even a YouTube vid.

I use Bing and never came up empty... and recently discovered duckduckgo.

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Nothing yet.
So I decided to write it into musescore like a new score.
But I met a problem.
It is in four fourths. The first bar has a 16th and 8th notes tied together
and the last bar has a dotted half note and a quarter rest.
But in musescore that first bar will have space for 4 quarter notes/rests.
So what do I do to start this score?

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I just saw an example with one quarter note in the first bar and a
dotted half note in the last bar. 1 + 3 = 4
The piece described above has a 16th tied to an 8th in the first and a dotted half
and a quarter rest in the last bar.
My limited musical knowledge tells me that equals to 3/4 + 4 = 4 and 3/4.
Am I reading this right?

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for the first measure you need 3/8 (unless it is a triplet, then you need 1/4), and an 'exclude from measure count, for the last you need 4/4, so no special treatment at all.
Whehter or not the last bar 'compensates' for the first is handled differently by different composers, here apparently this isn't the case

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