Add: Option to have 4 or 8 EQUAL WIDTH bars per line.

• Jan 2, 2019 - 19:38

then have the notes and rests automatically spaced in the 4 equal width bars?


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Greetings JoJo, tried 1.3 ...
BUT ... the sound is bad, and no "t" = "Triangle" (Major Cords)
AND the Bars are not the "Same Width" (my original issue)
(I am fine if some bars have tighter notes ... it's ideal for me if the Changes stack)

Please see attached "Sample 1" see how I have shrunk and stretched each bar ...
so the Changes all stack? (this would be the result if the software had an "AUTO EQUAL BAR SIZE" Option.

SIDE NOTE) I prefer the easy menus of 1.3!
key sigs,
(without having to press "VIEW + Master Pallett" ... NICE!)

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For sound you can use the 2.x soundfont, for bar with you need to enable it somewhere in the depth if the settings.
You attached a backup file, which is of no use here ar all.
And in 2.x you don't need the master palette anymore than in 1.x
Not sure about the t for triangle in chord Symbols, may need the jazz type symbols.

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Thank You - Found the suggestion (I think)
it was under Plugins "break every X measures"
this Did break every 4 bars, but the bars are still different widths, which the computer auto generates ... I'm looking to have the software keep the bars the Same Width, so my Chord Changes line up (vertically)
(the notes are just a guideline in jazz ... it's the Changes that are key)

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That's not the setting I mean. It is either in the general style settings or in staff properties, nor sure and not at my computer to check. It actually is 2 settings next to one another, fixed number of measures per system and fixed measure width.

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Found it - and that works (General Style - System - Fix Number (4) - Fix Measure Width!
But somehow a few of the green [ left arrow] boxes have vanished, so I can't make some lines 6 bars (weird)
(maybe I screwed it up)
And the t=Triangle does not seem to be supported (a DM7 is D(Triangle)7
in 2 it's Dt7, then the Triangle inserts itself
Can't find the 2.0 Sound Option yet :-)

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Thanks Again Mr JoJo!.

But I think this might be a New Feature (?!)

As I found the "Fix Measure Width" box, and checked it.
This Works!

But - sometimes I need 6 bars in one line, so I uncheck, and lose the Fix Width.

so ideally we could have: A future Option for Selected Bars to be "Fixed Measure Width"

This way for 90% of the Chart - I just Select, then "Fix Measure Width" (ideally a right click?)

And for the one line with a 2nd ending, I would stretch/shrink to get 6 bars in this line, the left 2 bars normal width, then the right 4 bars (1st and 2nd endings) being smaller, to fit on one line,
then the next section, starts on the next line .... then 4 bars per line to the end.

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You can't have both, fixed 4 measures per system and fixed 6 measures per system.
For that you'd need to use system breaks rather than this setting, like by using that "Break every X Measures plugin, not on the whole score but on sections of it and different settings for X.
You can still have the fixed measure width in combination with that.

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You can get it by switching to a custom XML file, one is provided as cchords_sym.xml

But really, it is not particularly standard to have measures the same width. I know some fakebooks produced by college students did that, but most professionally published music - even lead sheets and fakebooks - do not. I'd urge you to reconsider going through so many handstands just to emulate this particular style of notation, and just go with the standard / default layout, and then you can use MuseScore 3 and not be saddled with the many limitations of 1.x

just received a comment via email to: "add a line break every 4 bars"
I do this step, then I ...
stretch bars,
shrink bars,
move cord changes,
move the alt cord changes,
re-stretch bars
re-shrink bars ...
After 100+ key strokes ... I get FOUR "EQUAL WIDTH" bars per line (wish this was an "Auto Feature")
NOTE: in Jazz, notes are just a guide, so some squshed notes are fine.

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