Formatting Scores from MuseScore 2.3.2 in MuseScore 3.0

• Jan 4, 2019 - 08:31


I have been extensively using MuseScore before the release of MuseScore 2 and every update has added onto the experience. However, with MuseScore 3, I find it hard to fix the formatting of files made with MuseScore 2.3.2. The scores from made with the older program have been manually formatted to reduce overlapping (basically what Automatic Placement should be able to do now).

However, some elements are not in their intended position and the auto-placement overrides my actions to offset them (the element offset does change in the inspector but the actual placement of the object remains unchanged unless I move it towards an area that is not blocked by an element). Is there a way to select any editable element and move it with priority over other element spacings to make space for it instead of blocking it without having to disable auto-placement every time?

A more specific example of this: I have a framed text and a normal text above a staff, where I want to framed text to be above the normal text. In MuseScore 3, the framed text has reset below the normal text. Moving the framed text up only creates a vertical spacer instead of eventually overtaking the normal text and pushing it below it, where it is intended to be.

I have attached two sample images from the two program versions if that helps, but the original files are large so I have not included them. If you need a smaller sample file, I will be happy to make and attach that.


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MuseScore 2.3.2 Layout.png 49.89 KB
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To enable the framed text to move without affecting the other text, you can remove the auto placement for the framed text. It will then be ignored for auto placement. With auto placement turned on for everything, the space between the staves will automatically be extended, so the spacer is not necessary. With auto placement turned off, the spacer may become necessary since the staves will no longer move to make room for the text with auto placement turned off.

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