Panel Interface that Previews/Displays Changes Before Their Application

• Jan 4, 2019 - 08:59

I feel that the interface for MuseScore holds back its potential and ease to learn it. Some panels and tabs, such as "Styles" or "Page Settings" enable changes that are not previewed in the score, which sometimes forces the user to try out the change and apply it to see its effect. A solution to this could be allowing the panel/tab to show the change to the score itself. I understand that the "Page Settings" tab does have this feature but the display is too small to view anything small. I've heard that Dorico (another notation software) does this pretty well, and maybe MuseScore could also offer such a thing to make it easier to learn and use.


Which settings exactly are not shown in score right away?
Are you talking about MuseScore 3.0 or 2.x? As in the former all/most(?) such settings from the Style dialog do show right away, but indeed not in the latter.
For the page settings dialog this is slighly different, there the changes show in the scoreview part of that dialog, not in the real score, there the 'Apply' needs to be used

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Sorry, I am talking about MuseScore 2.3.2. I haven't gotten around too much with the recent release, but if you guys have already implemented a similar preview feature with the "Styles" tab too, then that's great! It's just that program complexity has been growing and some features are not known by many users, and I suppose some form of pre-displaying changes will help people learn to use the program better.

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It sounds like the request is to see the results of changing items in the Style dialog box when you make the change, but have not yet clicked OK. The Style dialog is soooo big, it's impossible to see changes.

@Quinn Ouyang, the dialog can be dragged around the screen as long as the top of the dialog is still visible, then when your ready do commit, you can drag it back to it's original place. It may not be the best, or most intuitive method, but the decision was made to keep the size of the Style dialog box always the same size and needs to be its current size for a few of the options.

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