Playback of arpeggios across multiple voices/staves?

• Jan 4, 2019 - 18:33

I know that when you add an arpeggio (or make a cord "rolled") you can adjust the symbol's height to stretch across multiple voices or staves, but when it plays back, the arpeggio only plays for the single voice that you initially added it to. Could there ever be a way to span the playback of the arpeggio across the whole chord?


arpeggio playback in MuseScore does span the whole chord. It does not span to a different chord, in a different staff though, and a chord can't span staves either. So you can only get it to look right

It's possible to get it to play right also, you have to create an invisible arpeggio (I usually use an unused voice) and make what's visible not play. One thing I do to make it look better is I make the arpeggio line for the arpeggio you hear visible and don't put one on the invisible notes. This makes it look better in some situations with accidentals.

The pianoroll editor is a wonderful tool when it comes to adjusting the timing of notes, especially when it comes to arpeggios. You can simply manually adjust where each note falls across the multiple voices and staves, making them fit perfectly to your desired playback.

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