Styles not compatible?

• Jan 6, 2019 - 02:46

I spent a good bit of time creating and tweaking a master text style file to use in MS 2.3.2. Copied it over to MS3; I find it can't be used. Annoying. No: aggravating (along with MS3 trying to outthink me on material I created in MS2.3.2). How do I use a previous style file in MS3?


There are enough differences in the style files between versions 2 and 3 I would suggest that you open a version 2 file that uses the style you want in version 3. I would select "No" when it asks if I want all of the setting to be set to version 3 defaults. Make sure everything in the file is to your liking, making any adjustments necessary, then save the style in a location you use for version 3. If it's the same location as your version 2 styles, I suggest that you differentiate those made in version 3, perhaps by adding _v3 to the end of the file name.

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