Measure Numbers and Section Break Problem

• Jan 6, 2019 - 19:18

Using Musescore I have a piece that is split into two sections by using "Section Break" from the "Breaks & Spacers" palette. After a section break the measure numbering should start again from "1". It does so initially (e.g., after applying a style in the "Format -> Syles" dialog). However when I edit anything in the second section (e.g., add a note in section 2), the measure number is overwritten and section 2 will not start counting at 1. Even worse, the numbering is changed only in the line that I edit, i.e., the measure numbers are completely screwed.

Currently my workaround is to apply the measure numbers style every time before printing. However, sometimes I forget doing so and end up printing dozens of pages with messed up measure numbers.


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Please find attached a file to reproduce the problem.

Step 1: Open MeasureNumbersTest.mscz
Step 2: Notice how the first bar in line 3 is numbered with "1", which is correct as this is the first bar of a new section. The first bars of each line are numbered: 1, 9, 1, 9
Step 3: Add one note to bar 2 of the second section, the only one which I have left empty.
Step 4: See how the numbering in line 3 is changed. The incorrect numbering now goes: 1, 9, 17, 9

You may now also want to add another note to the last line to also see the numbers in that line change. If you go to "Format -> Style" you can restore the correct numbering by applying a "measure numbers" style (e.g., uncheck and then check "Show first"). Only to destroy it again by going through steps 3 or 4.

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