Andriod app on F-Driod

• Jan 10, 2019 - 02:06

Please add the andriod app on F-Driod. F-Driod is an app store for free and open source apps. With Musescore on F-Driod Andriod users without Google Play Services installed on their device can still install Musescore.


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Which is unlikely to happen

Hmm, thinking about it more: meanwhile this would be possible, as the fully features are only available to register Pro users, and that gets deteremined at runtime by providing account credentials (username/password), not longer by having bought the App in the Android store, so no money would get lost to the company

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My personal thoughts an insights: MuseScore wouldn't be such professional as it is without commercial services. It lives on many volunteers, but it needs also resources to maintain the servers or to refinance a few founders and in-house contributors to keep this professionalism.
I don't mind to publish the app as open source would be a bad idea, but it needs another funding model for developing MuseScore and the app in the same further quality.

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I don't understand the procedure of the new App much enough. I'm still using version 1.13, because I don't be a great fan of subscriptions. Somewhere I read, it won't affect users, who bought a former version, but it could be wrong.
Maybe it means, that I'm not able to use the App with MS3 scores in future without updating the app.
But if I understand it correct, wouldn't it contain a danger to publish it as open source for forks of the app?

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I use the version 2 app, but bought the version 1 app, and I indeed got the full version 2, all features for live time, pretty good deal IMHO, but too late to make now, as the version 1 app is no longer on sale. But if you bought it, go ahead and try the version 2 app. It even leaves the version 1 app on your device (unlike the version 2 alpha :-(, so I lost it on one of my devices)
The current version 2 app though still doesn't read version 3 scores, but this is being worked on.

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I think that opening scores offline is a basic functionality of the app, you should charge people to use the server not to use their internal storage. In any case, i dont use the android app much, as long as the desktop version is under GPL im happy, but it would be nice if the android app was free software. Some open source apps have paid premium features also.

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