Unable to delete instrument name from imported musescore 2 file

• Jan 11, 2019 - 14:25

Can't delete the instrument names from my compositions after import.

(Also is there a way to reduce the space between the lyric staff and piano staff. it is throwing off all my pages.)

I have tinkered with all the style page settings and know about shift { but whatever I try I can seem to adjust the space between the lyric staff and the grand piano staff. Thanks!

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Ok thanks. I should read the manual before posting bugs reports. (Though I did look this up, I right clicked in the wrong spot)

Anyway, thanks again. I just spent 3.5 hours upgrading all my stuff. Not exactly what I wanted to do. But other than a few strange layouts, and lyrics with extra ____ it was pretty painless.

OK I am officially on Musescore 3 now! Best of luck everyone.

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It's already back in the nightly builds and should be in the next update. However, it should be noted that this isn't the "old" way - it was actually added only fairly recently (within the last few years). Staff Properties has always been the official way to alter instrument names; it's the direct hitting of delete that was new. And that new way definitely had problems, quite a few crashes resulting from the code that attempted to make it possible to delete or edit instruments names without going through staff properties. Some of those crashes were among the worst experienced in MuseScore, including ones that resulted in complete loss of scores. That is why the functionality was removed - to prevent crashes that had proved difficult to fix. Hopefully those bugs are fixed now, but still, just wanted to clarify that it was not disabled for no reason.

Also is there a way to reduce the space between the lyric staff and piano staff. it is throwing off all my pages.

Use menu item: Format -> Style... -> Lyrics to reset Lyrics Text margins back to default. (Click the x with the counterclockwise arrow)

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