Parts Dialog Problem with Voices

• Jan 11, 2019 - 15:32

The parts dialog does not seem to remember user entries for selected voices when creating parts. E.g. consider the following steps:

Step 1: Open Test1.mscx. It contains one instrument with one staff, which contains two voices.
Step 2: Open Parts Dialog: "File -> Parts..."
Step 3: Click "new" to add a part
Step 4: Add Instrument "Piano" to "Part" and select voice 1. (Click on "Piano", click on +, expand "Piano" in field "Instruments in Part" and uncheck all voices but voice 1)
Step 5: Click "new" to add part. You should now have a "Part 1" and a "Part 2"
Step 6: Add Instrument "Piano" to "Part 2" and select voice 2. (Click on "Piano", click on +, expand "Piano" and uncheck all voices but voice 2)
Step 7: Select "Part 1" and check which voice to be used by expanding "Piano" in field "Instruments in Part"
Step 8: Select "Part 2" and check which voice to be used by expanding "Piano" in field "Instruments in Part". Suddenly voice 1 is selected in part 2, whereas you selected voice 2 in Step 6.

Expected behavior: The dialog should remember what voice settings the user makes when creating parts

When some other user confirms that this is unwanted behavior, I will file a bug report (issue).

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The good new is that the proper notes are showing in the parts. The display in the parts dialog does revert back to voice 1, which is a bug. You don't even have to close the parts dialog to see the bug. Create a part using voice 1, then a part using voice 2, click the part using voice 1, then the part using voice 1 and the check mark is back in voice 1.

Please report this at

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