Handbook 3/2

• Jan 14, 2019 - 17:32

@Jojo, the link to the manual of version 2 leads only to the English version :(
And I'd say the same for the other languages.


Is there a state/any time table to change the web address for national/native translations of the handbook for version 3.x (resp. it's even useful with the actual state of the documentation)? Maybe it's time to offer native handbook translations (not sure about my own time budget next time ;-).

I see, there are meanwhile available translations for other languages beside German (for example Spain, Danish, Italian...), but the last time I tried to translate something into German, it changed the English source too (didn't check it a second time).

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Sounds good (and thanks to Geetar and other for the progress of the handbook).

Btw. when I read, what you all want to discuss above at FOSDEM (Modularizing of MuseScore, OpenScore and other topics) I'm sure in Brussels time passes more slowly ;-)

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