switching from grand staff to one stave

• Jan 15, 2019 - 23:50

Take a look at Canon top and Canon bottom attached. You'll see that the director wants to take vv 1,3,4 in unison but vv 2,5 in parts. Therefore I've laid out the top part in one stave and the bottom part in grand staff.
You'll see that I've cancelled the title information in the bottom part so in principle I can just cut and paste. I don't even need to cut and paste physically; I can use the tool paint.net to combine the top and the bottom in a new picture. I made the top and the bottom compatible by choosing the same value of sp.

Is there a solution in Muse score proper without resorting to paint.net? We need to be able to start a layout in one stave and then at the end of a system change to grand staff for the rest of the piece.

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Here is the paint.net solution. I created a "top part" and a "bottom part" as shown. Then in paint.net I created a final picture "both in place" with the top part on top and the bottom part at the bottom as shown.
This is a tad tedious. I have to
1 export to a pdf (in Muse score)
2 convert to a jpg (with a readily available tool)
3 combine the two (or more) jpgs into one
However the process is not rock solid; we can use the sides of the stave to line up the bottom part under the top part in the final version. paint.net has rulers on both borders so we can probably get the two parts to agree.
So I come back to this question. Can I switch from one stave to grand staff within a piece of music. If so then Muse score will do all the tedious work that I've outlined here.

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If I understand correctly, this is simple to do directly - just right-click the staff you want hidden when empty, then go to Staff Properties and set "Hide when empty" to "Always". Or, in 2.0, go to Style / General and set "Hide empty staves", but you might also have to set the other staff to "Never hide" in Staff Properties.

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Thanks Marc,
There's some magic I don't see here. Look at the test piece. I've assumed that the top line is meant for unison so I want to be able to delete the bass line; the lower line has bass so I want it to remain in grand staff. What do I do next?
I'm willing to use the break to force all the bars in one system to be of the same 'character', i.e. sing in unison or sing in parts.
I hope that Muse Score will not be distracted by an occasional empty bar in the bass part of grand staff.

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