No more creating style elements? What a poor developement!

• Jan 20, 2019 - 22:51

It was one of the best features of MuseScore 2.3, the ability of creating new style elements. After the downloading MuseScore 3.0, it was a totally dissapointment, that MuseScore couldn't be run. So I continued with the MuseScore 2.3. Then we recieved MuseScore 3.1, which finally could be started...
But the dissapointments were still there.
- My entire scores, which I wrote over the last 4 years (almost 1000), I couldn't be opened with the MuseScore 3.1. The score were merged and was not able to be read.
- I didn't give up the new Version of MuseScore and began to setup my style formating. I am a turkish musician and I had a bunch of my own style elements. But the MuseScore 3.1 was not able to import my style elements from the Version 2.3 !!!!!!!??
- I was still not willing to give up the new Version. So I decided to create entire style elements again. But!!!!
THERE WAS NO "NEW" BUTTON of style text elements. I couldn't create any of them.

Now I can assume either....
- MuseScore was overtaken of a Company, which will be these parts, which I was missing options of "MuseScore Professional", which wouldn't be free any more (sure the entire marketing package, cloud version, DVD version, etc..)
- The entire developement staff has been changed, Muse Score will be a totally new software, which has nothing to do with the earlier version of MuseScore Open Source.

So I finally gave up MuseScore 3.1 and back to the Version 2.3. and I am sorry, not beeing able to get the software run on my computer.
Sincerely Yours

M. Korkut Börteçene


To possibly clarify the above comment: custom text styles are possible in both 3.0 and in 3.0.1 by going to Format / Style / Text Styles and customizing one of the "User" styles - that is what they are for. It's intended to be a bit simpler because you don't have to hit "New" or worry about deleting styles. Also, the style dialog is now "live" (updates take effect immediately no need to hit Apply or OK), and also you can customize these styles directly from the Inspector - both huge improvements over 2.x. As for who we have to thank for these improvements, I'm pretty sure everything I just described was all Werner, the original developer of MuseScore :-). Although to be sure, some of the newer contributors helped with things like allowing for rename of the user styles and assigning then on import of 2.x scores. But there is definitely no plan for MuseScore to be anything other than free and open source forever (nor indeed would such a thing be legally possible given how open source license agreements are structured).

If you have a score created in 2.x that can't be opened in 3.0.1, we definitely want to know - that shouldn't happen. Please attach the specific score you are having trouble with.

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I am very disappointed in this development. I am trying version 3 and I wanted to add a custom text element, only to find that this is not possible. My score (imported from 2.3) already has six custom text styles, and now I can't add any more. This is definitely a step backwards.

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Interpreting the actual score might be a nuisance, but the following may clarify things. I have a style file ‎that I load whenever I create a new document. It contains the following custom text styles:‎

Manual change (organ or harpsichord) – font with special symbols.‎
Registration change (organ or harpsichord) – font with specific size and color.‎
Movement name – for things like “I. Allegro” at the beginning of a movement; I like this larger than the ‎generic staff text size.‎
Subheading – text smaller than a movement title; I often use it for things like “Variation 1” etc.; bold and ‎slightly larger than the generic staff text.‎
Hand bracket – specific font and size for brackets that show a note printed in the right hand is to be played ‎by the left, or vice versa.‎

That’s five styles I always want available. A few of my scores have a sixth style for things specific to that ‎score. Today I wanted to create a title page in a score and set up styles for that, which is when I ran into ‎the limit for six custom styles in 3.0.‎

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I send you a image file, which you can see my styles and at the right side my favorite palette. I send you two of my scores, which is one with the lyricks, the other one instrumental. I hope I could explain my issue to you.
Thank you anyway, for keeping helping me.
M. Korkut Börtecene

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Thanks for the examples! For the record, the reason it is important is because we need to make some decisions about the best way to handle this - by simply upping the number of pre-defined "user" styles high enough that to cover most real world use cases, or find yet another a way to re-implement how text styles work so we can support both creating of arbitrary numbers of new styles and the ability to control them from the Inspector (which was the main impetus for the previous re-implementations of text styles).

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