• Jan 21, 2019 - 01:26

There are so many bugs with this new system that I'm going back to 2 until they get fixed. And no, it's not worth my time to send you scores, instructions on how to reproduce the errors, etc. my time is too valuable to waste like that. I've used Musescore for 10+ years with virtually no problem, but guys, this version is a mess


Sorry to hear you are having problems! If you ever decide you do want to help improve the program, feel free to provide more details, as we cannot fix problems no one tells us about. It may also turn out that many of the problems you are seeing are just misunderstanding about how the new features work. Chances are it's some of each...

As you have been a happy user for the past decade, what about giving something back? Pick one bug you encountered and share the steps to reproduce the bug in this post. That would be really nice.

Be advised, from MuseScore version 2 to 3 was a major release... unlike from 2.x to 2.(x+1).
(Compare to Microsoft's Window XP various service packs and then the major Vista release. (Lots of hootin' and hollerin' after the Vista release.)

Regarding (free) open source apps such as MuseScore, submitting scores with instructions on how to reproduce errors is not a waste of time. It is how things get done.
As mentioned, even a single bug documented by you will help improve the app; and, if not a bug, will augment yours (and others) understanding of how MuseScore functions.


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