Can't install soundfonts in MS 3.0.1

• Jan 21, 2019 - 04:39

When trying to install a soundfont, the usual message "Do you want to install the soundfont" will pop up but nothing will happen when I click "yes". I'm on Windows 10. Is there any way to fix this?


I've never tried installing a soundfont that way, but the normal method of going to View / Synthesizer and loading the soundfonts form there works fine for me.

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in theory that works for Msuescore 3 too, but it's up to your OS to decide how to handle double-clicking files in your file browser, so my guess is that association is off somehow. Still, the normal method works fine. I just tried it and Windows asked me what program to use, I told it MuseScore 3 and it loaded normally, and MueScore put up a dialog telling me to go to View > Synthesizer and add it there. Which is exactly what you would normally need to know even if you had just copied the file to your Soundfonts folder manually.

So again, just as with MuseScore 2, the more direct procedure is to put the soundfont in your Soundfonts folder (see Edit / Preferences - for MuseScore 3, it's normally MuseScore3/Soundfonts under your main home or Documents folder) then go to View / Synthesizer and load it from there.

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