Courtesy accidentals (at least in easy cases).

• Jan 21, 2019 - 13:43

Quality published music supplies courtesy accidentals when chromatic movement from an altered tone to the non-altered tone crosses a bar line. Although I supply such accidentals in my scores, I wish MuseScore did it for me, but, more importantly, for others here whose scores I have to read.


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For me it's a very important plugin! When writing notes with the midi keyboard I often do not stop on courtesy accidentals, but when the work is done, I just run the plugin and I check it all for possible modifications.

Unfortunately, I just downloaded it and although they say it is compatible with version 3, when trying to use it - nothing happens. Any idea why?

I put the plugin in the plugin directory, and I can add it from the plugin manager menu inside the MuseScore 3. But, as I said before, nothing happens.

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