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• Jan 21, 2019 - 17:14

I am studying music in college, including taking a voice class with a focus on sight-singing. My instructor has me annotating scores with solfège (do re mi ...) syllables.

Now, in a "fixed do" system, the syllable "do" will fall on C. But in the "movable do" system that I am learning in this college course the syllable "do" falls on the tonic. That became painfully clear when I began annotating with "do" on the first note of the score, which happened to be a C, and had gotten quite a way into the score before I realized the score began up a perfect fifth in the key of F. I should have begun assigning syllables with "so" on that first note C, since that is the perfect fifth syllable in the solfège scale.

I was actually doing this in MuseScore, assigning the solfège syllables with ctrl-L lyrics, so it wasn't too hard to undo backwards to the beginning. But on starting over, I said to myself, "Wait a minute! Does MuseScore have a feature to automatically generate solfège lyrics for me?"

Well, I couldn't find it in the menus or handbook, so here I am ... asking for a new feature.

This is the kind of process that computers are good for. The logic to determine the syllables based on whatever the note and key signature is, inserting lyrics that automatically change if the note or signature changes, should be doable. (Pun intended ... LOL).

Does this interest anybody? I'm attaching an annotated test case if any MuseScore software guru able to implement and test new features wants to play with this.

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"Ask and ye shall receive!"

That is very nice. Thank you!

I just applied it to the score we are working on in class, as attached. Now I'm going to have to buy myself a pair of extra strong reading glasses, but that's a small price to pay for all the effort this saves me.

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Excellent! I'll use the standard scale for any assignments that have to be turned in, and use your solution to double the scale for my personal use on any working copies.

I also found it to be a useful exercise to add the solfège syllables as lyrics, which are easily readable at standard scale, and which also gives me the opportunity to correct any syllables wherever the note head ignores an accidental. (That happened twice in my class exercise, changing "La" to "Le" and "Ti" to "Te" for some flat notes.)

I've giving both of you A+ on Angie's List. LOL

Thank you!

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