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Issue Fret number in fretboard diagram can not be saved Maksym Bauer 16 1 year ago
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Forum topic When I add a tempo change for a ritardando, the tempo goes to 80 and not desired tempo Ronan Bodisch 8 1 year ago
Issue [Feedback form] Plugins don't work (the list of requests) Anatoly-os 21 1 year ago
Issue Permanent courtesy time sig and key sig before system/page break when toggling in Continuous View and/or Parts Clément Caillol 30 1 year ago
Issue Unable to add fermatas to bar lines mattmcclinch 31 1 year ago
Issue Implement smart layout for slurs to avoid crossing notes mcx 10 1 year ago
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Issue Moving a note head does not always change the pitch dcorson 6 1 year ago
Forum topic Is there a style for the right margin of courtesy time signatures? mcx 4 1 year ago
Issue Swap 4/4, C or Cut time if there is another time signature further in the score crashes the program. Also happens when changing from 4/4 to 2/4 cadiz1 11 1 year ago
Issue Attaching grace note to first note of triplet corrupts score Kevin Bourrillion 20 1 year ago
Forum topic Why is this beam not slanted? mcx 7 1 year ago
Forum topic Voltas: force playback of alternate endings zzwerzy 17 1 year ago