Best SoundFont for Violin & Ukulele?

• Jan 31, 2016 - 22:48

I have an unusual combination: a duet for violin and ukulele. The default Fluid font isn't great for the uke.

Any suggestions?


The problem is that there are no Ukulele samples available in the default soundfont. Consequently the Nylon Guitar has been used which obviously doesn't sound quite right.

General User GS (as also mentioned in this thread) does have a Ukulele preset, but it is made from Nylon Guitar samples with the amplitude envelope modified, and, again doesn't sound quite right, although it is closer than the default soundfont.

This discussion.......
suggests that the latest overhaul of Evanescence contains a proper Ukulele.

I haven't yet verified this (downloading as I write) but you can link to the download from that page.

You will need SFpack to uncompress the soundfont, which may be a problem if you're not on Windows.


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