Moving a note head does not always change the pitch

• Jan 14, 2019 - 21:51
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It appears that it is possible to move a note head as
1) a note
or as
2) a graphic element.
I have had several times after trying to change the pitch of a note using the mouse that the note head moved, but the pitch played did not change. After this, moving the note with the up and down arrows, for example, changed the pitch, but it was still not the pitch displayed.
The only solution to the problem that I have found is to delete the note and reinsert it correctly.
How can I prevent this from happening and/or reset the graphic of the note head to its default position? I don't see anything out of ordinary in the inspector. Very frustrating and a problem I never had with V2

Using Version (why not make it possible to copy/paste the version nr. out of the help>about window?) on Win 8.1


To change a pitch, the better way is to use up and down arrows.
What you observe ("the note head moved, but the pitch played did not change") is when you double-click - mistake, clumsiness or other - the note head first, and so you are in 'Edit mode'. It's not intended for this.
In this case, it's not necessary to delete and reinsert the note. Simply select the note (if not already hightlighted), and press Ctrl + R (shortcut for reset/recover the default position of the note)

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My guess is that your mouse is wearing out and you are accidentally double clicking the note head and putting it into edit mode. When this happens it will be clear that using the arrow has different results when you are in edit mode versus not in edit mode. You may also have trouble selecting something else.

Re: Copying version number. On Mac, there's a button next to the version number that puts more than just the version number (so it's more useful than allowing copy of the version number). Not being able to copy the version threw me at first, too, until I realized that the icon was for copying.

I'm assuming this button exists on Windows, too, but can't check right now.

Thanks for the info, I understand now what is happening.
I just wonder why one would want to move a note head vertically. I understand horizontally, but wonder why one would want to notate something different than what one hears.

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I ran across someone trying to annotate ancient music with seven lines on a staff recently and it was necessary in version 2 to move all of the notes up one step to make it look and play correctly. I've see the occasional situation in the past, but I remember this one.