Implement smart layout for slurs to avoid crossing notes

• Dec 21, 2015 - 19:26
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Graphical (UI)
S5 - Suggestion

1) Create a new score (time signature doesn't appear to matter)
2) Add eighth notes where the middle of three notes is somewhat lower than the end notes.
3) Slur the three notes
Result: Slur crosses the middle note and must be hand edited.

sad slurs.PNG
sad slurs in 4-4.PNG

4) Add another staff and create parts
Result: Slur in the newly created parts crosses the middle note and must be hand edited again.


Understood. Is it also expected that any hand-adjustment of slurs in the main score will be lost when the part is generated?

FWIW, there is a semi-decent reason for this. The spacing of notes is very likely to differ between score and parts, since the score spacing is affected by other staves. And of course, line breaks may well be in different places, so a slur that extends multiple systems in the score might be on one system in the part (or vice versa). So it's not all that likely that the same exact manu adjustments would actually make sense. While I guess it wouldn't hurt to default to giving it a shot, since you can always reset if they don't look good, probably better to spend the effort improving slur layout to avoid the interior notes and thus make these manual adjustment unnecessary (or less necessary, anyhow).

Makes sense. In my case the same manual adjustments would make sense in almost all the cases, but I get that that might not be true universally and agree the better investment would be in handling the interior case better in the future.