MuseScore 3.0: Unable to use portaudio / No ports for JACK server

• Jan 22, 2019 - 07:26

Hello! I've been trying to use MuseScore 3 lately and the main issue on my end is that the synthesizer doesn't work. When I open MuseScore, the input/output is set to JACK and upon changing it to portaudio, it crashes and reverts back to JACK upon opening MuseScore. In a previous post, I was told that it was because my sound output was broken in some way and I have to fix it. I do not know how to fix it or how to find the problem so I'm a little lost there.

While I'm on the topic of I/O, there seems to be no ports for the JACK server for me. On MuseScore 2, I was able to use a JACK server and connect it to a program called CARLA and to MuseScore to be able to use VST plugins. Setting up MuseScore for use with VST plugins seems basically the same to me for MS 2 and MS3 with the only difference being that CARLA is unable to detect ports from MS3 but can detect ports from MS 2.

I'm not sure if I'm using the right technical language so feel free to ask for clarification.


There is a known bug with Portaudio + 64bit Jack + compilation with MSVC (MuseScore 3 was compiled with MSVC), see here:
If you want, you can check if the result of the proposed patch solves the problem for you; you can find the link in this comment: (the build "artifact" link)
It works like a development build, see instructions here on how to run it:
In any case, thank you for feedback.

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